Founded in 1989: Main Areas of Business: Export of Silk to Thailand.


Founded in year 1992: Main Areas of Business: Precious stone cutting factory.


Founded in 1993: (Merged CSH & CSJ) Main Areas of Business: Sawmill factory, Log and Wood, Importation of construction equipment and material supplies, Representative of Caltex oil of Thailand, TPI Distributor, reseller of ceramic from Thailand's CAMPANA and Distributor for Solex, also from Thailand.


Founded in 1997 Main Business Areas: Road and Irrigation Construction, with Current project: Numxuang, Numhoum, Sendin Irrigation Project and others under contract.


Founded in 1999: Developer of Banking and Financial Soft Ware, including Core Banking, National Payment System, Stock Exchange, RTGS/ACH, National ATM Pool Settlement, e-Payment Gateway, CIB (Credit Information Bureau), Banking Institute Management, Asset Management; Border Management Soft Ware and other Soft Ware Development and Implement. Providing an advanced and industry Network system to the industrial sector such as: Commercial Banks, Central Bank, e-Government, Financial, etc..; Data Center construction and management.


Founded in 1999, Main Areas of Interest: Recycling plastic and Production of HDPE pipe.

Joint venture between VICO & CS Group

Gemstones, mining concession in Huaxai, Borkeo Province

CS Tour

Founded in 2006: Main Areas of Business: Tourism promotion for Laos

In Progress

Establishing a new JV for gold mining in Huphuan province, Lao; mining management consulting services for concessioners in Laos